SBG is more than a general contractor; it creates your ideas. We work to give you the building you have always dreamed of and drive your business forward.

You are a commercial, manufacturing, agri-food or transportation company operating on Montreal’s south shore? We provide a turnkey construction tailored to your needs!

Our skilled team of professionals has all the tools needed to complete your project from start to finish. Our expertise helps us plan every step of your project efficiently, from the plan designs and estimates to the finishing stage of your building.

We will be by your side throughout the entire process to ensure a stress-free project. You still have not found the land you need? No problem! We can also help you find the ideal location for your future construction!

An efficient work method

Our method has been tried and proven. During our initial meeting with you, we will determine your needs, budget and schedule. If you choose the turnkey option, you can focus on your professional activities while we work on developing your construction, renovation or expansion project.

As a trustworthy contractor, SBG will take into account your business and growth objectives, as well as any other information that can help us give you results that exceed your expectations. You can expect quality work completed by a highly skilled team.

A customized quote tailored
to your needs

To provide you with a quote that reflects exactly what you need, we must meet with the professionals that will be involved throughout the project: architect, engineer, municipality, etc.

Want to build a shopping mall, plant, office building or warehouse? Our team will be happy to discuss your project with you!

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